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October 15, 2011
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my princess  chapter two- part two

The cold blue eyes of Nightmare moon were transfixed onto Twilight, whose body  shivered immeasurably as though they were piercing right into her very soul. Twilight couldn't move a muscle, even after all her studying, after all her training she was still powerless compared to a fully grown alicorn. The magical constraints gripping Twilight seemed to tighten with every passing second, the tips of her hooves growing into a deeper shade of purple from blood loss. She tried to scream in fear, but she could barely release a whisper, the  magic had infected her entire being,  her body was no longer under her control. Nightmare moon let out a shrill maniacal laugh, one that rang deep in Twilight's ears, fear for her life being the only thing she felt anymore. " Hahaha, so little filly, how does it feel to finally get your comeuppance? hmm?" Nightmare moon paced the room, taking in the atmosphere as though she  needed it to survive, keeping Twilight in her grasp all the while " I bet you never expected me to appear when you threw back my counterpart, I bet you thought I was gone for good? WELL YOU WERE WRONG!" She screamed, her muzzle inches from Twilight's own, the poor filly's form reflected in those dead  eyes. " I can never die while a peace of me rests inside Luna's heart, ill just keep coming back, again and again, until one day, all of you foals who hurt her are gone forever!"

Twilight's breath had become shallow, pain was spreading all over her body and tears were streaming down her face, matting her fur down, and taking away any air of heroism she may have once shown. Upon Nightmare's face rested a smirk that tormented Twilight more than anything, it was a sign of victory. "Tut tut, the great Twilight sparkle brought down by a mere holding spell? What would Celestia think?" she asked, knowing precisely how deep the respect Twilight had for the  princess was. "Ha ha, don't worry little filly, I'm not going to kill you... Not yet.  First  I want you to witness the new world that I create, a world free of sunlight, a world of eternal night, a perfect world". Upon finishing her sentence the binds holding Twilight in place disappeared   dropping her down onto the  carpeted floor at Nightmare moon's feet. "Y-you wont get away with this! Celestia will stop you!" Shouted Twilight, disregarding the intense pain her body had just been subject to, and glaring up at the alicorn. "He-he, you still don't get it do you? Celestia is powerless to me! Normal magic is useless against alicorns, she wont be able to do a single thing to stop me!"
"Then the other elements and I-"
"The  elements of harmony are useless separated, what can they possibly do while i have you right here?" Nightmare turned to face the window, gazing out at all of Equestria
" Face it Miss Sparkle, this once proud land is over, and its all thanks to you".

Those words echoed in Twilight's mind " all thanks to you. All thanks to you". Every fibre of her body was telling her to get  the heck out of there, and warn all of Canterlot, yet something deep within her, something was making her stay. " What do you mean? How  is any of this my fault?"
Nightmare turned, and for a split second showed what seemed almost like shock " are you truly that dense Twilight? According to Celestia, you're her brightest pupil, yet you miss something so obvious?"  Twilight was near her breaking point, endangering all of Equestria was one thing, but calling her dumb? That was something else entirely. " I am not some little foal, i know exactly why!...I ..Just cant quite  explain it yet!" Nightmare moon tutted as she trotted around Twilight, her eyes darting over, as though she was cross examining the filly.
" Well let me explain it for you. You hurt Luna".

She let the words linger in the air for a moment, wanting Twilight to take in the gravity of them. " You hurt her badly. Not just physically, emotionally. Luna has been alone for a thousand years on the moon, ironically here she's surrounded by hundreds of ponies every day, but still just as lonely. Every single pony is like you, they're still fearful of her releasing me again, so now they have you to thank. When you came to her room this morning, you inadvertently raised her hopes, she thought she might finally be able to make a friend, just as Celestia wanted, but the second she tried to get closer, you threw her away...And thus i was reborn."
  "No! no its not my fault! It cant be!" pleaded Twilight, unable to face the fact that had been staring her in the eye all along " you're the evil one here! I haven't done anything wrong!"
" Apart from crush the spirit of an innocent young pony".
That last comment left Twilight speechless, throughout all her lessons of friendship, she had not once  directly hurt another pony,  and now she had ruined the lives of not only Princess Luna, but of every pony in all of Equestria. She was a failure.

Nightmare looked down on Twilight with a look of bemusement and pity. " Tell me little filly, why did you push her away when she was only trying to befriend you? What made you drive that poor girl away?" She asked, wanting to pain Twilight more than she already had.
" B-because...." A small whimper escaped Twilight's lips " because I'm scared OK! I'm a coward! I was scared of Luna becoming you! I was scared of  letting down princess Celestia by not rushing to her Aide this morning." A faint blush had spread over Twilight's cheeks  " and when Luna touched me, it felt nice...That scared me most of all".
Nightmare moon was beside herself in laughing fits " haha you poor lovestruck filly, are you serious!? " Twilight's fear had once again seeped back in, and she crawled onto the floor, trying to  hide away in the safety of her hooves.

"Well i would love to stay and chat, but I have a night to bring about. Oh and look Celestia has just risen today's sun, it'll feel nice to bring and end to that silly thing once and for all. Ha ha, and also the sun". Twilight was cuddling her knees close to her chest as Nightmare moon left the glass door onto the balcony, locked in thought about many things. About the ponies that would be hurt from her actions, about letting down Celestia, and of her powerless in the face of evil. She had never hated herself More than at this moment. Suddenly images of her friends flew into her head, ponies who after today she would never get to see again. Pinkie Pie , Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Spike and...Luna?
Why was she thinking of Luna at a time like this?  She didn't need to feel more guilt, she needed a miracle. But Luna was just the miracle she had needed. Twilight didn't realise at the time, but Luna had become instantly attached to her, more so than any pony she had ever met, Twilight was her greatest, yet only friend in the world, and if Twilight had learned anything over this past year, it was that no power was greater than friendship.

With a jolt of energy Twilight rose from her spot on the floor, and strode forcefully up at Nightmare moon ,  a fire burning in her eyes." Stop" she called, and watched as Nightmare moon turned jovially to face her "oh? the filly has guts does she?" she muttered jokingly " well they wont do you much good in a moment, the moons about to rise into its place in centre stage." with an extended hoof she pointed out to the horizon, where the highest point of the moon was peaking out from beyond the hills. " Im going to stop you Nightmare moon, and I know how!" shouted Twilight, an angry smile on her face " no matter what you do, you're merely a part of Luna's mind, you're an extension of the true thing. And if being mean to Luna can force you out, then perhaps..." Twilight stopped short, and charged at Nightmare moon, before leaping into what would in later years be known as " the pony glomp". Her hooves now locked around Nightmare moon's body, unwilling to let go despite the heavy resistance she was met with. " Let go of me at once you ignorant little hussy!" cried Nightmare moon, her magic grabbing and pulling at the  tenacious young pony wrapped around her. " No i wont! I wont let go, because Luna is my friend!"

In a flash of pure white Light everything had changed. The moon that was steadily rising, had lowered itself back into it's resting place, the royal bedchambers that only seconds ago was in ruins, now looked spotless, and the evil Nightmare moon, had now returned to the pure and innocent princess Luna.  From underneath the warm cocoon of pony encasing her Luna looked up at Twilight, a blush permeating the deep blue fur of her face " Twilight....thank you" she mustered, just as her weak body passed out. The unicorn gazed at the dozing alicorn, and couldn't help but giggle " hehe, you're welcome...Luna". Using simple unicorn magic, she elevated Luna back into her bed, she stayed with her all day, watching her new found Friend rest.

She deserved it.
yay :3 the thrilling conclusion to part 2 is up!
as usually bronies and pegasisters give me your feedback.
and i know the ending was a little cliche but i dont care :p
btw if you dont get what nightmare moon was talking about in paragraph 6, it was a bad joke, and she meant celestia was the silly thing.

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previous: [link]

art by [link]
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